Does Affordable Eyelash Extension Mean Cheap?

No doubt getting eyelash extensions can surely amp up your look. It makes your eyes look bigger, and more wide awake, and getting ready minus applying mascara during the makeup routine can be a lifesaver especially if your natural lashes are either thin, sparse, or straight to begin with. That said, you may put off the cost and wonder if it’s worth it. After all, don’t eyelashes fall off every now and then? What will happen to those extensions? Here’s why. 

The thing with cheap eyelash extensions is that they carry some form of risk and since the treatment involves the eye area the overall risk is even greater. Infections and irritations are some of the notable side effects that can occur and their compounds into something more serious for the eyes. 

That said, it doesn’t mean the price per treatment should be sky-high either. What you want is the treatment that offers safety, peace of mind, and value instead of relying solely on price points. And here’s what will happen if you rely on the latter. 

An absurdly low price point while looking appealing can be a surefire sign that the products they’ll be using for the treatment are cheaply made. Not just for the extensions but for the tools and glue that are used to attach each extension to your natural lashes. And we know, low quality means more amount is needed to achieve the same result compared to high-quality ones that just need a bit to do so. 

Not to mention low quality products used – especially in this case, the glue – can cause health hazards, what more involving safety for your eyes. Since the glue itself is formulated with chemicals, high-quality ones are formulated with ingredients that are meant for sensitive eye areas while still getting the job done to securely attach the extensions to your natural lashes. 

Low-quality, cheap extensions mean it has a shorter lifespan and they’ll fall off faster instead of lasting as long as the natural lash cycle. This simply means you need to make more trips to the beauty salon to maintain the look and more trips mean more cost in the long run. 

Plus, there’s also a high possibility that the extensions attached to your lashes will be incorrect and that the end result won’t look as natural as you hoped for. As cheap eyelash extensions are mass-produced, the material and sizing are mostly generic, one size fits all so it’s impossible to find the right thickness and length that will match each of your natural eyelashes. And this, if left in the long run, can cause stress to the follicle, causing the natural lashes to fall off prematurely, putting them at risk that they may not grow after all, and you’ll be stuck wearing eyelash extensions for the rest of your life. It’s scary, we know. But we need to educate our clients that using high-quality extensions doesn’t mean a high price point but covers everything needed for the treatment while ensuring your safety and well-being.


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