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Considering how eyeliner embroidery is trending nowadays I’m sure you’ll be tempted at some point to get the treatment done for yourself. After all, why not? It cuts down so much time when getting ready that can be significant in the long run. Though the only thing that might stop you from getting one is to wonder if this beauty treatment will be painful for your eyes. If that’s your concern, then read this to find out more.

For a start, eyeliner embroidery is a treatment that uses semi-permanent inks that are inserted into the eyeliner area of your eyes with tiny, disposable needles. The inks are heavily pigmented and will last up to two years before fading away and the styles are fully customizable to accentuate your features.

Since this beauty treatment involves the eyelids and tiny needles naturally there will be a concern if this can be painful for the eyes. Truthfully, it can be painful as tiny needles are used to insert the pigments into the skin, what more the skin at the eye area is the most sensitive. Hence, why numbing cream is applied before and during the procedure liberally and you can ask for reapplication as soon as you start to feel the pain, all in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

The use of numbing cream is important in the beauty treatment your esthetician will ask if you have allergies to any of the ingredients in the numbing cream, to ensure that the product can be used throughout the procedure. 

What About After The Procedure, Will I Feel The Pain Afterwards?

By right, it shouldn’t be painful and instead just a minor inconvenience as the treated area starts its healing process while the pigments settle in the epidermis layer of your skin. Within three days after the procedure, your skin will start to form a thin film that will peel and fall out on its own in a week. 

The key is to ensure that you take care of the embroidered area diligently from the first 48 hours after the procedure to minimize any pain or discomfort while ensuring the treated area heals for a perfect eyeliner embroidery. 

That means keeping the treated area away from water, fingertips, and products except the aftercare cream provided by your esthetician. 

There’s also a potential for side effects to occur such as itchiness, swelling (the most common), or mild tingling sensation but this is normal and varies between individuals and should go away in a week. However, in rare cases where there’s bruising, infection, or your skin develops an allergic reaction to the pigments you should contact your doctor and your esthetician no matter how or when it occurs. 

To conclude, eyeliner embroidery is a procedure that’s virtually painless and there’s no cause for concern for pain issues as numbing cream is supplied liberally for the procedure. And with proper aftercare, you won’t feel any pain in the embroidered area but instead, allow the pigments to settle in, and show up in perfectly-lined eyes done beautifully.

Getting eyeliner embroidery is probably a dream come true for you and I’m sure getting your makeup done will be effortless as you have perfect eyebrows that will frame the features. That said since it’s a mildly invasive procedure there’s bound to be a chance of swelling in the treated area but rest assured, it’s common and it’s all part of the aftereffects that will go away in a matter of weeks. Here’s what you should do if you have one.

What To Do With Swelling After Eyeliner Embroidery

As the treatment involves the insertion of needles into the skin, swelling that develops after the treatment is to be expected as it’s a common, normal body reaction against the trauma. The skin alerts with the ‘invasion’ from the needles and triggers healing processes such as delivering white blood cells (in lymph fluid) to the area to reduce the damage and ‘cushions’ the skin while it heals itself, draining the lymph fluid away to detoxify. 

The degree of the swelling (either in size or pain) differs and this is the point that you need to watch out for. This is especially the case if you develop severe swelling at certain or even all of the treated areas. That said, even if you get massive swelling that up to a point it hinders the ability to fully open the eyes, that’s still considered normal and will subside in a couple of days. 

The cause for concern is when the swelling you have doesn’t get smaller as the day goes; it lasts longer than 3 days, or it comes with other symptoms such as puss, itchiness, or even fever that it’s best for you to contact your esthetician for advice, pronto. 

Is There A Possibility That I Can Avoid Swelling From Happening?

Likely not since swelling is a normal body reaction against trauma so you can’t avoid it altogether (although we wish for the same!). So the next best alternative is to minimize and reduce the swelling as much as you can and allow your body to heal quickly. 

Start by keeping the treated area dry for the first 48 hours, by applying the aftercare cream diligently as directed by your esthetician. That said, a thin layer will do and overapplying will not make any difference to improve the swelling.

It’s advisable for you to sleep in a flat position with your head slightly elevated to ensure the eye area is not in close contact with fabrics (from pillows, bedsheets, or blankets), allowing the eyes to heal nicely. It’s also a good idea to do a regular cold compress routine to further minimize the swelling. You can place an eye mask (with gels inside) in the fridge and press gently at the affected area. Keep in mind that the temperature should be pleasantly cool to avoid aggravating the fragile, treated area. You can also use a cold metal spoon wrapped in cloth for the same effect, as the concave shape of the spoon fits well with the shape of the eye.

After eyebrow embroidery, it only made sense to have eyeliner embroidery to catch up and trend as well and we say it’s natural to have both beauty treatments complement each other. After all, eyeliner is considered to be the starting point of any eye makeup and surely we want to get as perfect as possible. How about we can get the perfect eyeliner for the eyes every single time then?

Touted to be the next staple in makeup, eyeliner embroidery is what people are looking for when applying makeup daily is not possible with what we have today. The constant rush to get things done, not to mention catching the latest update on Instagram will give you not enough time to get the eyeliner done (and perfectly) every time you apply it. 

Compared to eyeshadows, eyeliner is not as forgiving and one mistake of swipe can either have you do the same for the other eye or just redo them altogether (cue that eyeliner meme). And lucky for us the benefits of eyeliner embroidery are a lot that it actually helps to improve the quality of your life, no matter if you’re leading a busy lifestyle or just a laidback and chill kind of girl. 

Benefits Of Getting Eyeliner Embroidery For You

For a start, having a semi-permanent eyeliner means you don’t have to do the routine and instead can either just do the eyeshadows or skip straight to mascara if you want a more casual, natural look and you still look good either way. 

And there’s no need to worry about any mistakes made as it happens while doing the routine especially if your hands are shaky or not good with liquid eyeliners). What more to redo if the mistakes are too obvious because the eyeliner embroidery is already done perfectly!

As the eyeliner is done perfectly by your esthetician, you can be assured the eyeliner works well to accentuate your features and elevate your look. And yes, your whole look will be improved and dare we say more youthful as the well-lined eyes will make the eyes look bigger and more ‘awake’.

Getting the eyeliner done (and staying that way) means you don’t have to worry about carrying them in your makeup bag. This can be handy not just for the novice but also for makeup enthusiasts that regularly use different types of eyeliner for various looks.

Even if eyeliner embroidery is another form of tattooing, the pigments used are semi-permanent and while it’ll last long, it’s not forever. So no worries if you’re not feeling the look from the current eyeliner embroidery; you can try different looks for the next one if you like it!

And yes the look from eyeliner embroidery is totally customizable – you can opt for a single line that works for a basic eye makeup look, or go for dramatic if it’s more of your style. The key is to simply choose the style that is in line with your personality and look and you can work it from there. And not to worry as our esthetician will be happy to assist you in finding the right eyeliner look fit for your style, and vibe, while accentuating facial features.

Thinking of getting an eyeliner embroidery? You’re not alone. As most of us include a makeup routine to start our day and depending on the skill, it can vary between 5 minutes to 15 and not everyone can do that. You line the eye with a pencil eyeliner a bit thicker on one side instead of both that means a nightmare to redo all over again. So how about we take the specific routine out of our day and wake up with perfectly-lined eyes instead? Introducing, eyeliner embroidery. 

What Is Eyeliner Embroidery Treatment

eyeliner embroidery

Similar to microblading, this treatment focuses on the eye, specifically the lash line. Eyeliner embroidery is a cosmetic treatment that uses concentrated pigment infused into the lash line to define and ‘perk up the eyes. And it’s just like a regular pencil or liquid eyeliner that we use only that the result is semi-permanent. You read that right, the result is semi-permanent which means you’ll have perfectly-lined eyes that can last for quite a long time.

And just like using the regular pencil or liquid eyeliner, there are a number of looks that you can get with this treatment. Fo example, within the lash line and inner lash line, or even opt for a winged liner for a more dramatic look. As eyeliner embroidery is semi-permanent, you can always change the look if you want to without worry as the pigment starts to fade away.

And yes, that’s the difference between eyeliner embroidery vs regular tattoos. The inks used from traditional tattoo won’t fade but instead turn to green or blue within the skin. The pigments used for eyeliner embroidery are highly concentrated and stable so they won’t irritate the skin, stays put (instead of feathering out). Hence, it can last for some time before it starts to fade away.

And here are some of the benefits of eyeliner embroidery that makes:

The Benefits Of Having Eyeliner Embroidery

One of the main benefits of getting eyeliner embroidery is the treatment can save up a lot of your time significantly. Even if you need just 10 minutes to line the eyes, it can add up significantly that you can use it for other activities instead of waking up early to just slot in a makeup routine. 

Not only the time-saving factor fits perfectly for anyone that leads a hectic lifestyle; anyone could use the extra time saved to focus on other activities or pursuits. 

With eyeliner embroidery, your eyes will look more defined and polished every day and the look itself is created by professionals. Gone are the days when you’ll worry if you’ll be able to pull off the perfect lash line like you did last week. And instead, waking up with lined eyes done by the professionals and not even having to redo it throughout the day is a luxurious feel in itself.

As the result can last for quite a long time, eyeliner embroidery is cost-effective. You can save a lot from buying not only eyeliners but also cotton balls and makeup remover for the routine that can add up to the cost spent per year. Even if the treatment may seem expensive at a first glance, the time taken for the look to last until it fades slowly away saves a lot. What’s more, eyeliner embroidery doesn’t require a lot of maintenance except only for the first few weeks.

That said, before getting eyeliner embroidery for your eyes, there are a few things that you need to do before, during, and after the treatment to ensure that the results will last for as long as it is intended.

What’s The Procedure For The Treatment

Before The Treatment

Before undergoing eyeliner embroidery is all about discussion and consultation. Your esthetician will discuss the eyeliner look that you’d like (such as the thickness, outline, and shape of the look), analyze facial features and eye shape, draw out the chosen look with eyeliner to determine if it will fit, and make adjustments and tweaks as necessary. 

After you’re truly satisfied with the final look, the esthetician will make a record of it (either by taking photos from multiple angles) for the treatment day.

During the consultation, the esthetician will also determine if you are suitable to go for it, such as if you have any medical condition or upcoming surgery, or perhaps you’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding. Having any of the restrictions mentioned means you’ll have to reschedule the appointment for the treatment to a more suitable date. Plus, the esthetician will also advise on certain things that you need to do or to avoid before the appointment, as shown below. 

During The Treatment

During the big day, the artist will clean and dry the eye area and apply a layer of numbing cream to minimize any discomfort throughout the process. The cream may be applied more if needed so that you’ll stay comfortable. The artist then creates the eyeliner look that you want, that can take some time between one to two hours.

After the treatment, you can pretty much continue with your daily activities as there’s virtually no downtime for the procedure. That said, expect a thin layer of skin peeling at the treated area to appear within 1,2 day after the treatment but rest assured it’ll peel off by itself in a week. As long as the area is kept dry and clean, the eye area will heal fully in one-month minimum. After a month, that’s when the end result will show, and you can enjoy the benefits of the treatment for a year or two. 

What Do I Need To Prepare Before And After Getting Eyeliner Embroidery

As undergoing eyeliner embroidery means you have to lay down rather still throughout the process. And there are some things that you need to do and avoid to ensure you’ll be getting the final look that you want, and for it to last long as well.

If you have any plans for procedures surrounding the eye area, it’s advisable to schedule it at least one month before eyeliner embroidery treatment (instead of the other way around) to give the particular area to heal well before the procedure. On no account you should take any blood-thinning medications three to five days before the appointment and if you have to take it, the esthetician will be happy to reschedule it. 

As for post-op aftercare, eyeliner embroidery is relatively low maintenance, and only a few things that you need to do diligently for the first few weeks such as ensuring the eye is dry and clean, and preventing any contact with water, especially for the first week. Eye makeup is also not advisable for the first week as it’ll interrupt the skin’s initial healing process and when you can apply eye makeup afterward, opt for a water-based makeup remover (like micellar water) instead of an oil-based one.