No doubt getting eyelash extensions can surely amp up your look. It makes your eyes look bigger, and more wide awake, and getting ready minus applying mascara during the makeup routine can be a lifesaver especially if your natural lashes are either thin, sparse, or straight to begin with. That said, you may put off the cost and wonder if it’s worth it. After all, don’t eyelashes fall off every now and then? What will happen to those extensions? Here’s why. 

The thing with cheap eyelash extensions is that they carry some form of risk and since the treatment involves the eye area the overall risk is even greater. Infections and irritations are some of the notable side effects that can occur and their compounds into something more serious for the eyes. 

That said, it doesn’t mean the price per treatment should be sky-high either. What you want is the treatment that offers safety, peace of mind, and value instead of relying solely on price points. And here’s what will happen if you rely on the latter. 

An absurdly low price point while looking appealing can be a surefire sign that the products they’ll be using for the treatment are cheaply made. Not just for the extensions but for the tools and glue that are used to attach each extension to your natural lashes. And we know, low quality means more amount is needed to achieve the same result compared to high-quality ones that just need a bit to do so. 

Not to mention low quality products used – especially in this case, the glue – can cause health hazards, what more involving safety for your eyes. Since the glue itself is formulated with chemicals, high-quality ones are formulated with ingredients that are meant for sensitive eye areas while still getting the job done to securely attach the extensions to your natural lashes. 

Low-quality, cheap extensions mean it has a shorter lifespan and they’ll fall off faster instead of lasting as long as the natural lash cycle. This simply means you need to make more trips to the beauty salon to maintain the look and more trips mean more cost in the long run. 

Plus, there’s also a high possibility that the extensions attached to your lashes will be incorrect and that the end result won’t look as natural as you hoped for. As cheap eyelash extensions are mass-produced, the material and sizing are mostly generic, one size fits all so it’s impossible to find the right thickness and length that will match each of your natural eyelashes. And this, if left in the long run, can cause stress to the follicle, causing the natural lashes to fall off prematurely, putting them at risk that they may not grow after all, and you’ll be stuck wearing eyelash extensions for the rest of your life. It’s scary, we know. But we need to educate our clients that using high-quality extensions doesn’t mean a high price point but covers everything needed for the treatment while ensuring your safety and well-being.

Thanks to the invention of eyebrow embroidery we can safely say that it’s a lifesaver for all of us. Beauty treatment is not only for cosmetics, but the features from it also mean it can improve the quality of your life, mainly because you can save a lot of time getting ready instead of committing to the routine for perfectly-groomed brows. And because each of us has different types of eyebrows, it makes sense to have different styles of eyebrow embroidery treatment as well, to cater to your needs. Read on to find out more.

Essentially, eyebrow embroidery treatment utilizes a technique known as microblading, and it’s touted to be the finer, better version of traditional tattoos. The procedure calls for an esthetician to insert deeply-pigmented inks into the topmost layer of your skin with tiny needles. And depending on the technique, strokes, and the number of different colour pigments used, the procedure comes with several types to cater to different types of brows and the look that you’re going for.

Eyebrow Embroidery Styles That You Can Choose

Powder Brows Embroidery

Also known as the Misty Brows treatment, the technique involves using needles to create micro dots. Two different shades are used to create an ombre effect, starting from the lighter shade and ends with the darker one at the tail end. This effect is suitable for everyone, but we highly recommend it for one with thin and sparse-looking eyebrows, for a more demure, elegant look.

6D Microblading Eyebrow Embroidery

This technique is for anyone looking for full, perfectly-groomed brows. Instead of inserting pigments into dots, the technique uses tiny needle blades (known as nanoblade) dipped into the pigments and inserted into the topmost surface of your skin, creating a brush-strokes effect that will look as real hair brows, as naturally as possible. This particular technique is perfect for anyone that have solid eyebrows, to begin with, and wants to add more natural depth and volume to their own.

Microshading Eyebrow Embroidery

This particular eyebrow embroidery technique is a mix of powder and microblading embroidery that’s suitable to create a certain effect, depth, and fullness while still retaining the natural look of your eyebrows, perfect for anyone with thin and super fine eyebrows to begin with.

Compared to the previous eyebrow embroidery that is more focused on the technique for focused results, Microshading is a lot more varied depending on the individual’s eyebrows and the look they’re looking for. 

How To Know Which Eyebrow Embroidery Is The One For Me?

Because of different types of eyebrow embroidery, it’s likely you won’t know for sure what you’ll be getting and instead, the workaround is to discuss with us your concern and the look that you want for your eyebrows. From there, your esthetician will analyze your eyebrows, your face shape, and the end result, to determine which eyebrow embroidery treatment is best to bring out the intended look for your eyebrows.

Trust us, a set of eyelash extensions can truly lift your whole look and it’ll stay that way as long as the extension holds up. The one chosen correctly will not only make your eyes appear bigger and healthier; the lashes also help to cut down the immense time you get ready, especially if mascara is a necessity. If you haven’t tried these extensions before, perhaps you’re wondering what’s the average cost of getting them, if you decide to make it a routine. Let’s find out.

After all, what’s not to love about eyelash extensions? Thanks to technology we have a variety of choices to get the lashes all make-up (pun intended) depending on the need and the look that we’re looking for. And for anyone with thin, straight, and sparse lashes, eyelash extensions are like heaven-sent.

When getting eyelash extensions, you probably wonder if you need to get a full set all every single time, or just refill whenever part of it falls off following the natural lash it adheres to. 

The essence, if you’re planning to have the extensions as a long-term makeup routine then a full set is needed to be replaced every three months, with refills in between for every 3,4 weeks so the look stays fresh. But of course, the frequency of refills pretty much depends on your natural lash cycle (usually at 2,3 lashes per day though some may fall off at a higher rate than others) hence 3,4 weeks is the average time when refills are needed. 

And at the end of the 3 months for the full set replacement, you can take a break if needed or opt for a different look for the next set of extensions. Rest assured, the replacement (either full set or refills) won’t affect the natural lash cycle as it follows according to the natural hairs as long as you’re being diligent with it. 

How To Extend The Life Of My Eyelash Extensions?

You can certainly extend the life of your extensions by being diligent with the aftercare routine, especially for the first 48 hours where it’s the critical time window that will either make or break with the lashes. 

The glue used for the extensions needs a day to fully set hence you need to keep it away from water, makeup or skincare products, or anything that can come in contact with the lashes such as fumes from perfume, air freshener, etc.

For the next window of 24-48 hours, you can begin the usual routine although certain adjustments are needed such as using gentle, water-based cleansers and avoiding products that are oil and alcohol-based (that includes waterproof makeup products). Touching the lashes (within reason) is okay as long as you’re being gentle with it; avoid rubbing, tugging, or pulling but instead use a gentle, tapping motion. With proper eyelash extension fitting coupled with proper, diligent aftercare there’s no reason for you not able to prolong the cycle of your eyelash extensions and in turn, have replacement sets and refills according to the schedule.

Considering how eyeliner embroidery is trending nowadays I’m sure you’ll be tempted at some point to get the treatment done for yourself. After all, why not? It cuts down so much time when getting ready that can be significant in the long run. Though the only thing that might stop you from getting one is to wonder if this beauty treatment will be painful for your eyes. If that’s your concern, then read this to find out more.

For a start, eyeliner embroidery is a treatment that uses semi-permanent inks that are inserted into the eyeliner area of your eyes with tiny, disposable needles. The inks are heavily pigmented and will last up to two years before fading away and the styles are fully customizable to accentuate your features.

Since this beauty treatment involves the eyelids and tiny needles naturally there will be a concern if this can be painful for the eyes. Truthfully, it can be painful as tiny needles are used to insert the pigments into the skin, what more the skin at the eye area is the most sensitive. Hence, why numbing cream is applied before and during the procedure liberally and you can ask for reapplication as soon as you start to feel the pain, all in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

The use of numbing cream is important in the beauty treatment your esthetician will ask if you have allergies to any of the ingredients in the numbing cream, to ensure that the product can be used throughout the procedure. 

What About After The Procedure, Will I Feel The Pain Afterwards?

By right, it shouldn’t be painful and instead just a minor inconvenience as the treated area starts its healing process while the pigments settle in the epidermis layer of your skin. Within three days after the procedure, your skin will start to form a thin film that will peel and fall out on its own in a week. 

The key is to ensure that you take care of the embroidered area diligently from the first 48 hours after the procedure to minimize any pain or discomfort while ensuring the treated area heals for a perfect eyeliner embroidery. 

That means keeping the treated area away from water, fingertips, and products except the aftercare cream provided by your esthetician. 

There’s also a potential for side effects to occur such as itchiness, swelling (the most common), or mild tingling sensation but this is normal and varies between individuals and should go away in a week. However, in rare cases where there’s bruising, infection, or your skin develops an allergic reaction to the pigments you should contact your doctor and your esthetician no matter how or when it occurs. 

To conclude, eyeliner embroidery is a procedure that’s virtually painless and there’s no cause for concern for pain issues as numbing cream is supplied liberally for the procedure. And with proper aftercare, you won’t feel any pain in the embroidered area but instead, allow the pigments to settle in, and show up in perfectly-lined eyes done beautifully.

Getting eyeliner embroidery is probably a dream come true for you and I’m sure getting your makeup done will be effortless as you have perfect eyebrows that will frame the features. That said since it’s a mildly invasive procedure there’s bound to be a chance of swelling in the treated area but rest assured, it’s common and it’s all part of the aftereffects that will go away in a matter of weeks. Here’s what you should do if you have one.

What To Do With Swelling After Eyeliner Embroidery

As the treatment involves the insertion of needles into the skin, swelling that develops after the treatment is to be expected as it’s a common, normal body reaction against the trauma. The skin alerts with the ‘invasion’ from the needles and triggers healing processes such as delivering white blood cells (in lymph fluid) to the area to reduce the damage and ‘cushions’ the skin while it heals itself, draining the lymph fluid away to detoxify. 

The degree of the swelling (either in size or pain) differs and this is the point that you need to watch out for. This is especially the case if you develop severe swelling at certain or even all of the treated areas. That said, even if you get massive swelling that up to a point it hinders the ability to fully open the eyes, that’s still considered normal and will subside in a couple of days. 

The cause for concern is when the swelling you have doesn’t get smaller as the day goes; it lasts longer than 3 days, or it comes with other symptoms such as puss, itchiness, or even fever that it’s best for you to contact your esthetician for advice, pronto. 

Is There A Possibility That I Can Avoid Swelling From Happening?

Likely not since swelling is a normal body reaction against trauma so you can’t avoid it altogether (although we wish for the same!). So the next best alternative is to minimize and reduce the swelling as much as you can and allow your body to heal quickly. 

Start by keeping the treated area dry for the first 48 hours, by applying the aftercare cream diligently as directed by your esthetician. That said, a thin layer will do and overapplying will not make any difference to improve the swelling.

It’s advisable for you to sleep in a flat position with your head slightly elevated to ensure the eye area is not in close contact with fabrics (from pillows, bedsheets, or blankets), allowing the eyes to heal nicely. It’s also a good idea to do a regular cold compress routine to further minimize the swelling. You can place an eye mask (with gels inside) in the fridge and press gently at the affected area. Keep in mind that the temperature should be pleasantly cool to avoid aggravating the fragile, treated area. You can also use a cold metal spoon wrapped in cloth for the same effect, as the concave shape of the spoon fits well with the shape of the eye.

While getting an embroidery treatment is a wonderful experience, in order to have the embroidery settled down nicely into your skin requires some time for the skin to heal for the colors to show up well and be defined accordingly. Whether you’re getting eyeliner embroidery, eyebrow embroidery, or lip embroidery. The aftercare is basically the same and that includes the skincare ingredients that you need to skip for the time being. Here’s why.

As with this beauty treatment, embroidery is considered to be invasive – albeit minimally – and since it involves a procedure of inserting fine needles with pigments into the skin and having the pigments settled down nicely for it to show up, usually within a few weeks. 

And it’s within these first few weeks that your skin is undergoing a healing process as the body considers the insertion of these needles as trauma to the body, causing the skin to develop swelling that can occur even during the procedure. And rest assured, it’s normal.

Hence, while the treated area is healing, it’s a must for you to swap skincare products with certain ingredients for something more gentle for the skin. The ingredients that are needed to be avoided (for the time being) are to ensure that they won’t affect the pigments within your skin, causing it to fade away prematurely and lose the longevity of the semi-permanent makeup, reducing the need for frequent, unnecessary touch-ups. 

List Of Skincare Ingredients To Avoid For Embroidery

Exfoliative ingredients such as physical (scrub) and chemicals (the ones with AHAs, BHAs) – both from products or beauty treatments – are to be avoided as these acids to penetrate into the skin for the exfoliation that can draw out pigments within, causing them to fade out and giving a patchy, uneven appearance. 

Not only that, the exfoliative nature of these acids can certainly cause inflammation that can aggravate the swelling of the treated area, what’s more, it’s still in its fragile state. 

The same also goes for any products containing retinoids for their exfoliating benefits as well; simply avoid the ingredients from coming in contact with the treated area. 

And yes, since the ingredients listed here are to be avoided, that includes cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers. Instead, skip these products and use gentle formulations such as Cetaphil to gently cleanse the skin without affecting the pigments of the embroidery, and dry out the skin immediately as we need to keep the skin dry at all times. Keep using the product until the treated area is completely healed with the pigments settled in nicely to resume your usual skincare and makeup routine. 

While the ingredients listed above are applicable for all types of embroidery, for lip embroidery another ingredient to watch out for is whitening toothpaste, as the ingredients in the formula can bleach out the pigments from your embroidered lips, causing it to fade out as well.

After eyebrow embroidery, it only made sense to have eyeliner embroidery to catch up and trend as well and we say it’s natural to have both beauty treatments complement each other. After all, eyeliner is considered to be the starting point of any eye makeup and surely we want to get as perfect as possible. How about we can get the perfect eyeliner for the eyes every single time then?

Touted to be the next staple in makeup, eyeliner embroidery is what people are looking for when applying makeup daily is not possible with what we have today. The constant rush to get things done, not to mention catching the latest update on Instagram will give you not enough time to get the eyeliner done (and perfectly) every time you apply it. 

Compared to eyeshadows, eyeliner is not as forgiving and one mistake of swipe can either have you do the same for the other eye or just redo them altogether (cue that eyeliner meme). And lucky for us the benefits of eyeliner embroidery are a lot that it actually helps to improve the quality of your life, no matter if you’re leading a busy lifestyle or just a laidback and chill kind of girl. 

Benefits Of Getting Eyeliner Embroidery For You

For a start, having a semi-permanent eyeliner means you don’t have to do the routine and instead can either just do the eyeshadows or skip straight to mascara if you want a more casual, natural look and you still look good either way. 

And there’s no need to worry about any mistakes made as it happens while doing the routine especially if your hands are shaky or not good with liquid eyeliners). What more to redo if the mistakes are too obvious because the eyeliner embroidery is already done perfectly!

As the eyeliner is done perfectly by your esthetician, you can be assured the eyeliner works well to accentuate your features and elevate your look. And yes, your whole look will be improved and dare we say more youthful as the well-lined eyes will make the eyes look bigger and more ‘awake’.

Getting the eyeliner done (and staying that way) means you don’t have to worry about carrying them in your makeup bag. This can be handy not just for the novice but also for makeup enthusiasts that regularly use different types of eyeliner for various looks.

Even if eyeliner embroidery is another form of tattooing, the pigments used are semi-permanent and while it’ll last long, it’s not forever. So no worries if you’re not feeling the look from the current eyeliner embroidery; you can try different looks for the next one if you like it!

And yes the look from eyeliner embroidery is totally customizable – you can opt for a single line that works for a basic eye makeup look, or go for dramatic if it’s more of your style. The key is to simply choose the style that is in line with your personality and look and you can work it from there. And not to worry as our esthetician will be happy to assist you in finding the right eyeliner look fit for your style, and vibe, while accentuating facial features.

If you’re reading this then I’m sure you’re researching if lip embroidery is suitable for you. After all, restoring the color and youthfulness of your lips is made possible with lip embroidery beauty treatment, and when it comes with a ‘time-saver feature’, why not? Keep in mind though, that since it’s an invasive procedure (albeit a mild one), there’s always a chance that swelling and tenderness occur after getting your lips done. And here’s what you can expect, days after getting the coveted lip embroidery.

Day 1

For the first day, expect your lips at their most fragile state the utmost care is needed. 

Depending on the individual, your lips may start to swell halfway through the procedure, and rest assured it’s completely normal. When needles are inserted into the lips, naturally the body will start to get a signal to direct white blood cells to the treated area, thinking that your lips are getting ‘damaged’ by external elements. 

During the treatment, you may feel a tinge of pain from the swelling and you can certainly ask your esthetician to apply numbing cream to minimize the discomfort. Plus, the pigments are not settled into the lips yet so it’s normal to see the colors look darker and more intense than the shade you chose.

To note: if your lips are swelling too much that it affects activities like eating, apply a cold compress regularly to speed up the healing process. You can use cooled cotton pads, metal spoons wrapped in a thin cloth, or even a gel eye mask to make it work. Avoid sun exposure, spicy foods, hot water, etc that can potentially hurt the lips. 

Day 2 to Day 9 (Week 1)

For the first week, you can expect the swelling, tenderness, and even the pigments to subside than the first day. Expect this week for your lips to get unusually dry that it starts to chap and form scabs. Apply the aftercare lip cream to minimize discomfort and scabbing regularly, and don’t pick out the scabs, or your lips will look patchy as the pigment is not settled thoroughly within your lips. 

And particularly for this week, consider this as critical and keep a vigilant eye for any symptoms (allergic reactions, redness, increased pain, etc).

Day 10 to Day 17 (Week 2)

Continuing from the first week, expect peeling and scabbing to occur albeit it’ll gradually lower. When the lips stop peeling fully it means your lips are fully healed and you can start wearing makeup if needed (though we recommend a layer of hydrating lip balm underneath to ensure your lips stay supple). This week too, expect the colors to fade more than intended so that it looks ashy than the shade you chose for the lip embroidery. Rest assured that it’s a normal body reaction as the pigments within will settle nicely, showing the true shade chosen, by the next few weeks.

There’s a good reason why eyebrow embroidery is the go-to treatment for a lot of us. As one of the facial features, the eyebrows work to add definition to the face, creating a subtle ‘frame’ to the whole visage, and it can affect the whole look. That said, not all of us know the correct way to groom the brows on our own and potentially cause a disaster. So why not avoid it from happening (again) with a session of eyebrow embroidery instead?

What Does Eyebrow Embroidery Treatment Mean?

eyebrow embroidery

Also known as microblading, eyebrow embroidery treatment is a form of tattooing. The treatment involves by inserting a semi-permanent pigment into the skin via needles. And instead direct insertion to the skin, the technique is done by using brush strokes to create a more natural look for the brows. Done correctly, the result will make your eyebrows look thicker, lush, and properly groomed.

And the treatment itself is not new; started in ancient China as a way for high-rank women to look polished and beautiful, the technique made its way back again in the beauty world. Starting from here in Singapore and Malaysia, and now it’s catching up all over the world. And suffice it to say the latest technology has improved the method tremendously and given remarkable results(see our real testimonials and feedback here).

The reason why people would go for the treatment is simply to get the brows they want without having to spend doing the routine every day. After all, not all of us are blessed with the skills to ensure the brows look top-notch every morning. Plus, the time and energy you need to master the skills needed is another matter as well.

So, why not wake up with properly groomed eyebrows every single morning and use the extra time to do something that you love instead? But first, let’s dive in to learn how the treatment works for you.

How Does Brow Embroidery Work?

The treatment starts with a consultation where a brow artist will thoroughly explain to you the treatment for you to make an informed decision. The discussion can range from the pros, cons, and the suitability of the treatment itself for you. The consultation is done thoroughly to ensure that the end result is well-communicated before translating into your eyebrows on the day of the treatment.

Prior to the treatment, it’s a requirement to come without wearing any makeup and other steps needed (if applicable) to ensure a smooth process during the embroidery.

The process starts with the brow artist trimming and lining the shape of the desired eyebrow as discussed from the previous consultation. The brow artists will begin by applying a layer of numbing cream to minimize any potential discomfort. After a few minutes, your brow artist will infuse pigments in tiny amounts to the top layer of the skin, using disposable needles. The whole process will take approximately two hours, and you may request more application of numbing cream to minimize any pain or discomfort as much as possible.

After the whole treatment is done, it’s natural to see your eyebrows look darker than what you’d expect – the true shade will come out in four to six weeks. And within that time frame, another session is scheduled for touch-ups.

There’s no specific requirement for downtime per se, you can continue with your daily life and you can enjoy the benefits of having well-groomed eyebrows for a few years.

Yes, you read that right, eyebrow embroidery treatment can last for years.

How Long Does Eyebrow Embroidery Treatment Last?

Done correctly and with proper care, the eyebrow embroidery done to your brows can last up to two years, although the results may vary for each individual. It largely depends on several factors such as committing to annual touch-ups, daily lifestyle, your skincare routine as well as your skin type that’ll determine how long the treated brows can last.

To ensure that your eyebrow embroidery lasts as long as possible, proper care is needed both before and after the session.

Things I Need To Take Care Of The Eyebrows After Treatment

As for eyebrow care post-op, you can expect mild scabbing and peeling of the skin while the skin heals itself from the treatment. It’s not advisable to pick and peel the affected skin as it can interrupt the skin’s healing process. And the habit will also affect the pigments within the skin. As for cosmetics, it is best to leave the newly-treated eyebrows be, and to avoid applying any form of makeup products to the brows for the first two weeks also for the same reason. Instead, apply an aftercare healing cream diligently to ensure you’ll get the results you want for your eyebrows

What’s most important after getting your eyebrows done is to avoid getting them wet, especially for the first 48 hours. Use facial wipes instead of washing your face with a normal cleanser and keep the face away while in the shower. Avoid sun exposure to the face for the first two weeks as the UV rays can fade out the fresh pigments within the skin.

Am I A Good Candidate For Eyebrow Embroidery?

Generally speaking, everyone regardless of gender and age can get eyebrow embroidery for their brows and it can be beneficial especially to anyone suffering from hair loss-related reasons such as alopecia and chemotherapy, or just having thin and sparse eyebrows, to begin with. The only exclusion is if you need to take blood-thinning medications regularly that it’s advisable to not undergo this treatment or a woman who’s currently pregnant and nursing as there’s no definite conclusion from the health experts yet.

In conclusion, eyebrow embroidery is definitely one of the ways for you to save your time to get ready. Plus, waking up to perfectly-groomed brows can surely be a good way to start your day!

Introducing lip embroidery, the next best thing after eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery. After all, your lips play a key feature in adding definition to the whole face. So naturally, getting lipstick is one of the first makeup products we’d get for our makeup routine. And it’s not just at the start of the day but also reapplying it for touch-ups. That said, the constant application and reapplying can be tiring for some. And this is especially true for the ones who are either busy or have to meet a lot of people. So how about we save up the time from doing lip makeup and having lush, well-defined lips to start your day instead? Introducing lip embroidery.

What Lip Embroidery Treatment Is About?

Lip Embroidery

Also known as microblading, only this treatment is created specifically for the lips. Lip embroidery treatment is a cosmetic procedure where a professional methodically injects concentrated pigments into the topmost layer of your lips, to create fuller, lush-looking lips. Other terms you might hear with lip embroidery include ‘lip microblading treatment’, ‘lip blush’, or ‘semi-permanent lip tattoo’.

Contrary to the traditional tattoo procedure, the injected pigments from lip embroidery are within the top layer of the skin as opposed to deep into the lips. And this in a way, minimize any potential of infection. Plus, the concentrated pigments used are semi-permanent once instead of permanent ink. Hence, once it passes the shelf-life they will just fade away instead of settling down and turning to bluish as a traditional tattoo would. 

Lip Embroidery Procedure

This procedure works wonderfully to restore, even out, or simply subtly enhance your natural lips. Done, correctly, it’ll make your lips look youthful, visibly fuller, and well-defined. And if you’re wondering if your lips are suitable for such treatment, the short answer is yes, you can!

Lip embroidery treatment is suitable for all regardless of age and gender (even if you don’t wear lipsticks regularly) as it works with the natural lips that you have. All this treatment intended is to enhance the look of your natural lips, And there are no specific requirements per se.

The pigment is then injected with sterile, disposable needles and done methodically to ensure even color and results as intended. Depending on the current state of your lips, the whole process may last up to four hours per session. You might be put off by the long hours needed to get the procedure done but trust us, it will pay off in the long run because the results can last a lot longer than that!

How Long Does The Result Will Last?

Generally speaking, the results of your lip embroidery will last up to a year, depending on how well you take care of the treated lips. Plus the first 48 hours also can make or break your lip embroidery, if you’re being diligent with it. The type of pigment used for your lips also contributes to the factor – organic pigments can last up to a year and a half, while inorganic ones can go on for as long as two years.

For anyone treated with lip embroidery, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol is highly recommended to ensure the pigments will last as intended, and other than that you can enjoy the new look of your lips and even wear your favorite lip color shades.

Even if the results not going to last more than that, lip embroidery is still a favorable option as it’s a simple and virtually painless way to commit to an enhanced look for your lips without undergoing surgery. And compared to surgery, touch-up sessions for lip embroidery are optional and depends if you (or specifically, your lips) need it.

Are you tempted to try out a lip embroidery treatment for yourself? Apart from scheduling a consultation, here are some of the things that you can do to prepare before the procedure itself. 

Before And Aftercare

Before the procedure itself, you will have a consultation with beautician to discuss the finer details of the treatment. This can range from choosing the pigment color for the lip embroidery, any medications that you might take, as well as any medical condition that you might have in which rescheduling the treatment may be necessary. This session is particularly important as it helps them to understand your needs and results intended for the procedure and be on the same page.

As for after the procedure, it’s common to see that your lips will appear darker than the shade that you chose. Rest assured it’s just the after-effects when the pigments are freshly injected into the lips; the true color of the pigment will gradually come out within a week or two. Swollen-looking lips and scabs at the treated area should be expected. But rest assured it does not raise a concern unless it gets too painful for you which you need to inform the esthetician and seek medical attention immediately.

For the first few days, your lips are still in their fragile state hence utmost care is important and will determine how long your lip embroidery will last. When doing activities such as eating or brushing your teeth, take great care to avoid the lips as much as you can and refrain from doing excessive motions (like puckering or stretching) for the time being. And yes, applying lip-based products such as lip makeup, cleansers, or even lip balms should be avoided for the first week.