How Often Do You Need To Do Eyelash Extension?

Trust us, a set of eyelash extensions can truly lift your whole look and it’ll stay that way as long as the extension holds up. The one chosen correctly will not only make your eyes appear bigger and healthier; the lashes also help to cut down the immense time you get ready, especially if mascara is a necessity. If you haven’t tried these extensions before, perhaps you’re wondering what’s the average cost of getting them, if you decide to make it a routine. Let’s find out.

After all, what’s not to love about eyelash extensions? Thanks to technology we have a variety of choices to get the lashes all make-up (pun intended) depending on the need and the look that we’re looking for. And for anyone with thin, straight, and sparse lashes, eyelash extensions are like heaven-sent.

When getting eyelash extensions, you probably wonder if you need to get a full set all every single time, or just refill whenever part of it falls off following the natural lash it adheres to. 

The essence, if you’re planning to have the extensions as a long-term makeup routine then a full set is needed to be replaced every three months, with refills in between for every 3,4 weeks so the look stays fresh. But of course, the frequency of refills pretty much depends on your natural lash cycle (usually at 2,3 lashes per day though some may fall off at a higher rate than others) hence 3,4 weeks is the average time when refills are needed. 

And at the end of the 3 months for the full set replacement, you can take a break if needed or opt for a different look for the next set of extensions. Rest assured, the replacement (either full set or refills) won’t affect the natural lash cycle as it follows according to the natural hairs as long as you’re being diligent with it. 

How To Extend The Life Of My Eyelash Extensions?

You can certainly extend the life of your extensions by being diligent with the aftercare routine, especially for the first 48 hours where it’s the critical time window that will either make or break with the lashes. 

The glue used for the extensions needs a day to fully set hence you need to keep it away from water, makeup or skincare products, or anything that can come in contact with the lashes such as fumes from perfume, air freshener, etc.

For the next window of 24-48 hours, you can begin the usual routine although certain adjustments are needed such as using gentle, water-based cleansers and avoiding products that are oil and alcohol-based (that includes waterproof makeup products). Touching the lashes (within reason) is okay as long as you’re being gentle with it; avoid rubbing, tugging, or pulling but instead use a gentle, tapping motion. With proper eyelash extension fitting coupled with proper, diligent aftercare there’s no reason for you not able to prolong the cycle of your eyelash extensions and in turn, have replacement sets and refills according to the schedule.


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