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No doubt getting eyelash extensions can surely amp up your look. It makes your eyes look bigger, and more wide awake, and getting ready minus applying mascara during the makeup routine can be a lifesaver especially if your natural lashes are either thin, sparse, or straight to begin with. That said, you may put off the cost and wonder if it’s worth it. After all, don’t eyelashes fall off every now and then? What will happen to those extensions? Here’s why. 

The thing with cheap eyelash extensions is that they carry some form of risk and since the treatment involves the eye area the overall risk is even greater. Infections and irritations are some of the notable side effects that can occur and their compounds into something more serious for the eyes. 

That said, it doesn’t mean the price per treatment should be sky-high either. What you want is the treatment that offers safety, peace of mind, and value instead of relying solely on price points. And here’s what will happen if you rely on the latter. 

An absurdly low price point while looking appealing can be a surefire sign that the products they’ll be using for the treatment are cheaply made. Not just for the extensions but for the tools and glue that are used to attach each extension to your natural lashes. And we know, low quality means more amount is needed to achieve the same result compared to high-quality ones that just need a bit to do so. 

Not to mention low quality products used – especially in this case, the glue – can cause health hazards, what more involving safety for your eyes. Since the glue itself is formulated with chemicals, high-quality ones are formulated with ingredients that are meant for sensitive eye areas while still getting the job done to securely attach the extensions to your natural lashes. 

Low-quality, cheap extensions mean it has a shorter lifespan and they’ll fall off faster instead of lasting as long as the natural lash cycle. This simply means you need to make more trips to the beauty salon to maintain the look and more trips mean more cost in the long run. 

Plus, there’s also a high possibility that the extensions attached to your lashes will be incorrect and that the end result won’t look as natural as you hoped for. As cheap eyelash extensions are mass-produced, the material and sizing are mostly generic, one size fits all so it’s impossible to find the right thickness and length that will match each of your natural eyelashes. And this, if left in the long run, can cause stress to the follicle, causing the natural lashes to fall off prematurely, putting them at risk that they may not grow after all, and you’ll be stuck wearing eyelash extensions for the rest of your life. It’s scary, we know. But we need to educate our clients that using high-quality extensions doesn’t mean a high price point but covers everything needed for the treatment while ensuring your safety and well-being.

Trust us, a set of eyelash extensions can truly lift your whole look and it’ll stay that way as long as the extension holds up. The one chosen correctly will not only make your eyes appear bigger and healthier; the lashes also help to cut down the immense time you get ready, especially if mascara is a necessity. If you haven’t tried these extensions before, perhaps you’re wondering what’s the average cost of getting them, if you decide to make it a routine. Let’s find out.

After all, what’s not to love about eyelash extensions? Thanks to technology we have a variety of choices to get the lashes all make-up (pun intended) depending on the need and the look that we’re looking for. And for anyone with thin, straight, and sparse lashes, eyelash extensions are like heaven-sent.

When getting eyelash extensions, you probably wonder if you need to get a full set all every single time, or just refill whenever part of it falls off following the natural lash it adheres to. 

The essence, if you’re planning to have the extensions as a long-term makeup routine then a full set is needed to be replaced every three months, with refills in between for every 3,4 weeks so the look stays fresh. But of course, the frequency of refills pretty much depends on your natural lash cycle (usually at 2,3 lashes per day though some may fall off at a higher rate than others) hence 3,4 weeks is the average time when refills are needed. 

And at the end of the 3 months for the full set replacement, you can take a break if needed or opt for a different look for the next set of extensions. Rest assured, the replacement (either full set or refills) won’t affect the natural lash cycle as it follows according to the natural hairs as long as you’re being diligent with it. 

How To Extend The Life Of My Eyelash Extensions?

You can certainly extend the life of your extensions by being diligent with the aftercare routine, especially for the first 48 hours where it’s the critical time window that will either make or break with the lashes. 

The glue used for the extensions needs a day to fully set hence you need to keep it away from water, makeup or skincare products, or anything that can come in contact with the lashes such as fumes from perfume, air freshener, etc.

For the next window of 24-48 hours, you can begin the usual routine although certain adjustments are needed such as using gentle, water-based cleansers and avoiding products that are oil and alcohol-based (that includes waterproof makeup products). Touching the lashes (within reason) is okay as long as you’re being gentle with it; avoid rubbing, tugging, or pulling but instead use a gentle, tapping motion. With proper eyelash extension fitting coupled with proper, diligent aftercare there’s no reason for you not able to prolong the cycle of your eyelash extensions and in turn, have replacement sets and refills according to the schedule.

Eyelash extensions has been a staple in makeup routine for some time. Simply because as the old adage says “eyes are window to the soul”. Looking through the magazine or even talking to someone in front of you, the eyes are the first that you’ll notice and look for a few seconds here and there. Now, imagine eyes that look healthy and come with a set of long, lush lashes. Surely nobody couldn’t help but stare a few moments too long and for us, we probably ask “how did you get your lashes so beautiful?”. The answer is, getting an eyelash extension.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

eyelash extension

Just as the name implies, eyelash extension is a way to extend your natural lashes to make your eyes look fuller, healthier, and more ‘wide awake’. Consider it as an upgraded solution than just using eyelash curler with volume-enhancing mascara. These extensions are meant to stay on your natural lash line and there’s no really a need to do anything with them except letting the lashes do their job as it’s supposed to do – making your eyes look more beautiful.

And surprisingly using additional eyelashes on top of your natural ones is not a new practice: ancient Egyptians have been doing it by combining fur and ointments applied to the lash line to add more volume to the natural lashes. A painstaking process and thankfully we don’t have to do that anymore. As technology gets better so do the eyelashes. Nowadays the options are endless ranging from strip lashes and DIY eyelash extensions to a specialized treatment that offers more convenience and are customizable for every need.

Eyelash Extension Beauty Treatment

The beauty treatment offers a better way to approach your natural lashes and it’s done by skillful professionals. The materials used for the extensions are made from either synthetic, silk, or even from real fur (usually mink fur). These materials are then made in varied types of clusters, curls, and shapes that you can choose to achieve the look that you’re going for. 

Each lash at the lash line is handled with care and attached with a medical-grade strong adhesive that will ensure the extensions will lash longer compared to other types of extensions. Because they’re done one at a time, the process can be quite long. Hence you need the pros to get it done for you, as opposed to strip lashes that you can just tap on the natural lashes and be done with it.

The Benefits Of Getting Eyelash Extensions Done

The main feature of the procedure is the lashes are customizable with plenty of options to choose from to suit what you need. Whether you’re going for something minimal just to enhance your natural lashes, adding more volume to a sparse-looking one, or perhaps daring with dramatic flutters, there’s bound to be a look that’s created just for you.

Thanks to the latest technology eyelash extensions are made from various materials, you can utilize it for the look that you want. Varied shades as natural eyelashes, varied curls, lengths, and overall effects that can be confusing. And that’s where a professional will be glad to help you choose the right one (or two!) for the look that you’re going for. 

Compared to other types to extend your natural lashes, eyelash extension treatment offers a longer shelf-life (around four to six weeks and can last longer if you do regular touch-ups) to enjoy the new, beautiful lashes. And with these extensions on, there’s no need to apply mascara every day. Plus the extensions are not really permanent; it will fall out naturally with your natural lashes, so you can opt for a different look if needed. 

And yes, the time saved from donning mascara on a daily basis which we know it’s a painstaking process. The need to use an eyelash curler and then apply a few coats of mascara and double-check to ensure it doesn’t bleed or mess with your eye makeup it’s a nightmare in itself. Why not give yourself a break and just focus on the eye makeup and have the extensions look as lush and beautiful as you want them to, every day?

The Step-By-Step Procedure

eyelash extension process

As with other beauty treatments done by an esthetician, before scheduling an appointment for the procedure, a consultation is done so you can discuss the kind of look you’re going for and choose the right material for the extensions, which the esthetician will gladly discuss and share everything you need to know about the procedure so you can make an informed decision. 

Because the wide variety of options in choosing eyelash extensions can differ based on individual needs and the natural lashes they have, it’s important to let the esthetician analyze your eye shape and natural lashes before recommending a number of choices, aligned with the look that you want to achieve. If you have any allergies or taking certain medications this will be discussed as well and your esthetician will make adjustments as necessary.

Not only the material of the eyelash extensions, but also choosing the length, volume, clusters, or even type of curl will be determined before scheduling the appointment for the procedure. Trust us, you don’t want to have the extensions weighing down the eyelids so that it’s hard for you to blink. 

During the day, your esthetician will have everything she needs to apply the extensions to your natural lashes and all you need to do is to lay down comfortably while she gets the job done. Depending on the number and cluster of the extensions used, the process can take somewhere between two to four hours so it’s advisable for you to wear comfortable clothing and no eye makeup before the big day. 

After The Procedure

For the first 48 hours, you need to allow the eyes and lashes to rest after the treatment and allow the adhesive to cure thoroughly well. Avoid touching the eyes and protect the area from any water, and keep an eye (pun intended) for any sensitivity, irritation, or even allergic reaction for the first 24 hours if you do, contact your esthetician immediately.

After the critical hours’ pass, you can continue the routine as usual but it’s advisable to be extra gentle for the eyes and lashes by using gentle wiping motions to remove makeup or itchiness to ensure the extensions stay in place. If there’s a chance that the extensions may get tangled (especially the lengthy, dramatic ones), it’s best for you to get a spoolie brush (the ones used in mascara) to brush and detangle the extensions instead of using your fingers.

One of the popular beauty treatments that nowadays it’s considered a necessity, eyelash extension is something that everyone must get at least once and if you’re reading this I’m sure you need one too. So it’s no surprise that it’s becoming a staple in beauty and especially in Singapore, where getting one is essential and as routine as getting a pedicure, as opposed to treating it like a luxury (even yes, it is!). Here’s why.

Post-pandemic and lockdown aftermath we see everyone getting in touch back with their makeup routine as the precautionary steps from Covid relaxed bit by bit. Apart from getting back to the usual makeup routine, we see specialized beauty treatments at their peak once again and this time we treat them as a necessity.

Sure getting dolled up is a pleasant routine but doing so day in and day out can be a chore especially since not all of us are experts, to begin with. Some days your makeup is on point while other days you might give up or not be in the mood and resort to tinted lip balms and mascara instead. Time is of the essence and considering the rushed mode that most of us live in, it’s just not practical to devote a solid 30 minutes just to makeup.

Hence, semi-permanent makeup is the perfect solution to get beautiful, effortlessly. And in this case, eyelash extensions.

The eyelash extension we’re talking about here is not the plasticky strips but instead, high-quality ones attached to your natural lash line by the esthetician, and the lashes will stay that way for months. Just imagine, waking up to have your lashes already looking perfect and well-groomed so that you don’t have to do anything to them. How much time you can save that way in the long run?

And the upkeep and refills are still manageable compared to the time spent on eye makeup every morning; the lashes can last from three to six weeks (on the longer side if you’re diligent with your lush lashes) and that’s still reasonable enough and certainly a good investment of time. 

And thanks to technology we consider it a good thing too. For Asian women, we have a love-hate relationship with our eyes, hoping they look bigger and more ‘awake’, so much so that creating double eyelids (from cosmetics to surgery) is a common thing to do. In fact, double eyelid surgery is one of the top procedures in Asian countries, notably China and South Korea.

That said, as the technology improves exponentially better alternatives are available, and hence why eyelash extensions offer similar end results with greater peace of mind as it’s less in overall cost and risks compared to surgeries. Plus, being a semi-permanent solution, having eyelash extensions will make your eyes appear ‘awake’, bigger and brighter without committing to it permanently. Not only for anyone with sparse lashes to begin with; you can alter the overall shape of your lashes if the natural is short and/or straight by having beautifully-curled lashes that can make your eyes look bigger and some might say, healthier.

For that, getting eyelash extensions is not a luxury, but simply a necessity.