Skincare Ingredients To Avoid After Getting An Embroidery

While getting an embroidery treatment is a wonderful experience, in order to have the embroidery settled down nicely into your skin requires some time for the skin to heal for the colors to show up well and be defined accordingly. Whether you’re getting eyeliner embroidery, eyebrow embroidery, or lip embroidery. The aftercare is basically the same and that includes the skincare ingredients that you need to skip for the time being. Here’s why.

As with this beauty treatment, embroidery is considered to be invasive – albeit minimally – and since it involves a procedure of inserting fine needles with pigments into the skin and having the pigments settled down nicely for it to show up, usually within a few weeks. 

And it’s within these first few weeks that your skin is undergoing a healing process as the body considers the insertion of these needles as trauma to the body, causing the skin to develop swelling that can occur even during the procedure. And rest assured, it’s normal.

Hence, while the treated area is healing, it’s a must for you to swap skincare products with certain ingredients for something more gentle for the skin. The ingredients that are needed to be avoided (for the time being) are to ensure that they won’t affect the pigments within your skin, causing it to fade away prematurely and lose the longevity of the semi-permanent makeup, reducing the need for frequent, unnecessary touch-ups. 

List Of Skincare Ingredients To Avoid For Embroidery

Exfoliative ingredients such as physical (scrub) and chemicals (the ones with AHAs, BHAs) – both from products or beauty treatments – are to be avoided as these acids to penetrate into the skin for the exfoliation that can draw out pigments within, causing them to fade out and giving a patchy, uneven appearance. 

Not only that, the exfoliative nature of these acids can certainly cause inflammation that can aggravate the swelling of the treated area, what’s more, it’s still in its fragile state. 

The same also goes for any products containing retinoids for their exfoliating benefits as well; simply avoid the ingredients from coming in contact with the treated area. 

And yes, since the ingredients listed here are to be avoided, that includes cleansers, toners, serums, and moisturizers. Instead, skip these products and use gentle formulations such as Cetaphil to gently cleanse the skin without affecting the pigments of the embroidery, and dry out the skin immediately as we need to keep the skin dry at all times. Keep using the product until the treated area is completely healed with the pigments settled in nicely to resume your usual skincare and makeup routine. 

While the ingredients listed above are applicable for all types of embroidery, for lip embroidery another ingredient to watch out for is whitening toothpaste, as the ingredients in the formula can bleach out the pigments from your embroidered lips, causing it to fade out as well.


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