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If you’re reading this then I’m sure you’re researching if lip embroidery is suitable for you. After all, restoring the color and youthfulness of your lips is made possible with lip embroidery beauty treatment, and when it comes with a ‘time-saver feature’, why not? Keep in mind though, that since it’s an invasive procedure (albeit a mild one), there’s always a chance that swelling and tenderness occur after getting your lips done. And here’s what you can expect, days after getting the coveted lip embroidery.

Day 1

For the first day, expect your lips at their most fragile state the utmost care is needed. 

Depending on the individual, your lips may start to swell halfway through the procedure, and rest assured it’s completely normal. When needles are inserted into the lips, naturally the body will start to get a signal to direct white blood cells to the treated area, thinking that your lips are getting ‘damaged’ by external elements. 

During the treatment, you may feel a tinge of pain from the swelling and you can certainly ask your esthetician to apply numbing cream to minimize the discomfort. Plus, the pigments are not settled into the lips yet so it’s normal to see the colors look darker and more intense than the shade you chose.

To note: if your lips are swelling too much that it affects activities like eating, apply a cold compress regularly to speed up the healing process. You can use cooled cotton pads, metal spoons wrapped in a thin cloth, or even a gel eye mask to make it work. Avoid sun exposure, spicy foods, hot water, etc that can potentially hurt the lips. 

Day 2 to Day 9 (Week 1)

For the first week, you can expect the swelling, tenderness, and even the pigments to subside than the first day. Expect this week for your lips to get unusually dry that it starts to chap and form scabs. Apply the aftercare lip cream to minimize discomfort and scabbing regularly, and don’t pick out the scabs, or your lips will look patchy as the pigment is not settled thoroughly within your lips. 

And particularly for this week, consider this as critical and keep a vigilant eye for any symptoms (allergic reactions, redness, increased pain, etc).

Day 10 to Day 17 (Week 2)

Continuing from the first week, expect peeling and scabbing to occur albeit it’ll gradually lower. When the lips stop peeling fully it means your lips are fully healed and you can start wearing makeup if needed (though we recommend a layer of hydrating lip balm underneath to ensure your lips stay supple). This week too, expect the colors to fade more than intended so that it looks ashy than the shade you chose for the lip embroidery. Rest assured that it’s a normal body reaction as the pigments within will settle nicely, showing the true shade chosen, by the next few weeks.

Introducing lip embroidery, the next best thing after eyebrow and eyeliner embroidery. After all, your lips play a key feature in adding definition to the whole face. So naturally, getting lipstick is one of the first makeup products we’d get for our makeup routine. And it’s not just at the start of the day but also reapplying it for touch-ups. That said, the constant application and reapplying can be tiring for some. And this is especially true for the ones who are either busy or have to meet a lot of people. So how about we save up the time from doing lip makeup and having lush, well-defined lips to start your day instead? Introducing lip embroidery.

What Lip Embroidery Treatment Is About?

Lip Embroidery

Also known as microblading, only this treatment is created specifically for the lips. Lip embroidery treatment is a cosmetic procedure where a professional methodically injects concentrated pigments into the topmost layer of your lips, to create fuller, lush-looking lips. Other terms you might hear with lip embroidery include ‘lip microblading treatment’, ‘lip blush’, or ‘semi-permanent lip tattoo’.

Contrary to the traditional tattoo procedure, the injected pigments from lip embroidery are within the top layer of the skin as opposed to deep into the lips. And this in a way, minimize any potential of infection. Plus, the concentrated pigments used are semi-permanent once instead of permanent ink. Hence, once it passes the shelf-life they will just fade away instead of settling down and turning to bluish as a traditional tattoo would. 

Lip Embroidery Procedure

This procedure works wonderfully to restore, even out, or simply subtly enhance your natural lips. Done, correctly, it’ll make your lips look youthful, visibly fuller, and well-defined. And if you’re wondering if your lips are suitable for such treatment, the short answer is yes, you can!

Lip embroidery treatment is suitable for all regardless of age and gender (even if you don’t wear lipsticks regularly) as it works with the natural lips that you have. All this treatment intended is to enhance the look of your natural lips, And there are no specific requirements per se.

The pigment is then injected with sterile, disposable needles and done methodically to ensure even color and results as intended. Depending on the current state of your lips, the whole process may last up to four hours per session. You might be put off by the long hours needed to get the procedure done but trust us, it will pay off in the long run because the results can last a lot longer than that!

How Long Does The Result Will Last?

Generally speaking, the results of your lip embroidery will last up to a year, depending on how well you take care of the treated lips. Plus the first 48 hours also can make or break your lip embroidery, if you’re being diligent with it. The type of pigment used for your lips also contributes to the factor – organic pigments can last up to a year and a half, while inorganic ones can go on for as long as two years.

For anyone treated with lip embroidery, avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol is highly recommended to ensure the pigments will last as intended, and other than that you can enjoy the new look of your lips and even wear your favorite lip color shades.

Even if the results not going to last more than that, lip embroidery is still a favorable option as it’s a simple and virtually painless way to commit to an enhanced look for your lips without undergoing surgery. And compared to surgery, touch-up sessions for lip embroidery are optional and depends if you (or specifically, your lips) need it.

Are you tempted to try out a lip embroidery treatment for yourself? Apart from scheduling a consultation, here are some of the things that you can do to prepare before the procedure itself. 

Before And Aftercare

Before the procedure itself, you will have a consultation with beautician to discuss the finer details of the treatment. This can range from choosing the pigment color for the lip embroidery, any medications that you might take, as well as any medical condition that you might have in which rescheduling the treatment may be necessary. This session is particularly important as it helps them to understand your needs and results intended for the procedure and be on the same page.

As for after the procedure, it’s common to see that your lips will appear darker than the shade that you chose. Rest assured it’s just the after-effects when the pigments are freshly injected into the lips; the true color of the pigment will gradually come out within a week or two. Swollen-looking lips and scabs at the treated area should be expected. But rest assured it does not raise a concern unless it gets too painful for you which you need to inform the esthetician and seek medical attention immediately.

For the first few days, your lips are still in their fragile state hence utmost care is important and will determine how long your lip embroidery will last. When doing activities such as eating or brushing your teeth, take great care to avoid the lips as much as you can and refrain from doing excessive motions (like puckering or stretching) for the time being. And yes, applying lip-based products such as lip makeup, cleansers, or even lip balms should be avoided for the first week. 

After eyebrow embroidery started the trend of semi-permanent makeup, we see eyeliner embroidery following suit and now lip embroidery is trending as people are looking for ways to save more time and convenience while still enjoying their makeup routine. Apart from researching a good esthetician that can get the job done for you, choosing the right lip shade for your lip embroidery is equally important as well, and here’s how.

That said, there are a few things that you need to remember while giving lip embroidery a go. For one thing, this treatment is about enhancing the natural lips that you have instead of altering them altogether. Done correctly, the treatment adds color to the lips, making them healthier and appear fuller. 

A good tip to know about lip embroidery is you can get a few shades lighter or darker than your natural lips as it won’t look ‘fading out’ more quickly than needed. With the right lip pigments, you can expect it to last even for a couple of years. Ask your esthetician if this is possible for your natural lip color. 

One thing that most people don’t know about lip embroidery is you can choose more than one color to give it a more natural finish while still enhancing the look of your lips. Take a look at your lipstick and lip liners and the color of your lips (especially where it differs) so your esthetician can customize different color pigments fit for your lip embroidery treatment. 

And rest assured even with having lip embroidery done you can still wear lip makeup products if you want to and it won’t affect the pigments within the lips.

Tips To Choose The Right Lip Color For Lip Embroidery – Skin Tone And Undertones

As with any semi-permanent makeup, it’s important to note that the color may appear darker than what you initially choose but it will only last for a week or so before fading into the true shade of the pigment chosen for your lips. What’s more important is choosing the right shade for the lips as it’s what you’ll be ‘wearing’ for up to a year.

Start by looking at the skin tone of your face. Fair skin will have nudes or candy pinks; medium skin tone with dark beige or rose pink while darker skin tone will go well as mauves and plum shades. Not only your skin tone but undertones will play into factor and there are two for this factor: warm undertones will go well with orange or red-based tints such as corals while cool undertones fare better with blue-based hues such as plums. 

For guidance, take a look at your lipsticks and see which shades you have the most and the one that flatters well with your lips. Wear it and take a look under natural light for accuracy. Take a picture of it so you can show it to your esthetician if that’s possible for your lips and the look you’re going for. And yes even if wearing chili red lipstick is your signature look, that is certainly possible with lip embroidery. Indeed, lip embroidery can be a worthy investment for your makeup routine (just imagine how much time you can save!); the key is finding the right shade for your lips so they’ll look fuller, and healthier, every single day.